Farming Methods In Different Parts Of The Country

  • August
  • 12

The basic farming methods have not changed much since the Middle ages. The three field system is used by farmers the world over. There are some changes to the way the soil is plowed and how crops are grown, but the basics of farming remain the same. The farmer needs to plant and grow his crops, protect his crops and water his crops when the time comes. If he works on a dairy or meat farm, the methods used to collect milk or gather meat may change over time. More efficient methods of gathering dairy or slaughtering animals are developed all the time.Get more information here. Agriculture is not the mighty industry it once was, progressive Car Insurance, but farming will never go by the wayside. People need farms to bring them the bulk of the food that they eat. The more modern methods deal with environmentally friendly methods. Organic farming is one method that a farmer may use to keep his impact on the environment down, but the process used in creating organic foods results in the goods being more expensive. A modern farmer needs to know about pesticides, fertilizers and run off. He also needs to know how to till the soil to prevent erosion. It does not hurt if he keeps his eye on the prices of grains. Corn may be more valuable as food commodity or it may be more valuable as ethanol. Agriculture may not be the type of work most Americans want to do, but it is one industry that will always be in demand. People need food regardless of what the economic times are like. The farmer needs to know how to get it to the table efficiently. He may also want to check out the government subsidies that are available to him. Farming is hard work, but it still can be profitable.

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Best Farming Methods In The Southwest Region

  • June
  • 9

Farmers in the southwest often face different challenges than farmers in the Midwest or southeast portion of the country. Because of the region’s infamous arid and dry conditions, farmers in this part of the country must find ways to keep their crops hydrated, as well as protect them from the hot wind that blows frequently in the southwest. Modern technology can be put to good use to help southwestern farmers. This region is now a popular area from which to get fruit, vegetables, and other crops.

Hydration remains the biggest concern for many southwestern farmers. Read the rest of this entry…

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Best Farming Methods In The Midwest Region

  • April
  • 7

New technology, industrial farming options and next-generation resources have the potential to significantly improve the agricultural output of existing farmland. Keeping pace with the needs of growing populations and producing crops for use as bio-fuels and livestock feed is not an issue that we can afford to overlook or leave to chance. Ensuring that all farmland is being used as effectively as possible will be an essential part of any effort to meet the food needs and demands of the 21st century. Conventional agricultural methods and technology alone may prove to be less than equal to the task. Read the rest of this entry…

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How to Insure your Farm Assets

  • December
  • 27

It is not as easy to get insurance on an agricultural property such as a farm as it is to call up an agent and get your suburban split-level covered. There are simply a large number of non-standard factors that need to be considered before a policy can be written.

Here are just a few of the items that particularly need to be examined when looking for farm insurance.

How far is the property from the nearest fire station, and what is the departmental rating?
Are there any windmills on the property and are they currently operable?
How many barns and other outbuildings are there on the property?
What is the material used on the roofs of the buildings and what slope are they?
What sort of construction was used in building the house and what year was it built in?

As you can see, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before one can get a legitimate bid on insurance coverage. Much of a farm insurance policy will come in the form of endorsements, which are special add-ons to the usual blanket policy provided to most ordinary homeowners. Once one has a grasp of these issues, the property owner can start shopping around for the best price on the coverage he needs.

Because most insurance companies have standardized their policy endorsements, it is now possible to compare coverage from different providers through an online insurance site. Rather than going through the time consuming process of skipping from one company website to another, an independent comparison site such as can save a tremendous amount of time and money by allowing the homeowner to enter his data once and then have the website do all of the comparison shopping for him.

They can perform all the necessary due diligence and reduce the data to a manageable list of items that offer apples-to-apples comparisons that make insurance buying decisions a breeze.

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More High Tech Farming, Less Greenhouse Gas

  • February
  • 21

You have heard all about it in the news – the detrimental effects of greenhouse gases and what we can do to stop them. For those who may not be in the know, a greenhouse gas is a type of gas that emits radiation that is both harmful and destructive to the Earth’s atmosphere and, by extension, our own lives. However, the latest advancements in farming technology may see a severe reduction in the production of said gasses.

They are called “No-till Farms” and you might have heard of them if you Read the rest of this entry…

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Farming Methods New Is Not Always Better

  • November
  • 7

Farming Methods New Is Not Always Better
The basic principles of farming haven’t changed much because the basic elements haven’t changed. Even with the aid of modern equipment that makes harvesting faster, crops still rely on good soil, compatible climate and adequate rainfall for an abundant harvest.

Methods For Growing Seasons
Preliminary maintenance of soil with rototillers can begin prior to the actual planting season for a specific growing zone. Rototilling is one of the methods farmers use to allow aeration of their planting beds. If fertilizers are needed, this is added prior to the first Read the rest of this entry…

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A Brief Overview Of Newest Farming Methods

  • November
  • 3

The new methods for farming are a direct result of the strive to be more environmentally conscious and utilizing renewable resources. Over the years the hard work of farmers has all but gone unnoticed, especially the environmental impact that results from irrigating, over planting and fuel using farm equipment and in the past decade they are definitely working to change these issues.

One way they are adjusting to achieve these goals is to use different tilling methods to retain the nitrogen in the soil that is vital to plant healthy instead of it releasing into Read the rest of this entry…

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Farming Methods That Have Gone High Tech

  • November
  • 1

Today’s farming uses technology to increase crop yield and livestock production more cost effectively than ever before. Computers and agri-software are used to consolidate paper work and schedules as well as manage financial data. Farmers can also manage their own sales by having accounting programs and websites to sell their own products thereby reducing the number of people involved in getting products to market.

Cell phone apps are multiplying for agriculture as well. Farmers can manage multiple tasks (something they are very proficient at doing), and Read the rest of this entry…

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The Latest Farming Methods For Excellent Crops

  • October
  • 31

When humans discovered agriculture, their standard of living increased. Agriculture has helped sustain the earth ever since. Land and soil does not replenish its self; thus, there is a limited amount in which to grow crops. Technology and revisiting some tried and true methods can help the earth to continue to provide.

Farmers have discovered that less tilling of the soil is beneficial to crops and the atmosphere. Studies have shown recently that, over tilling, the soil decreases its ability to grow crops. Exposing the soil to the Read the rest of this entry…

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